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Echo Headquarters
3815 N. Third St. Phoenix, AZ 85012

Mailing address
13236 N 7th Street, Suite 4 #563, Phoenix, AZ 85022

General information: 602-266-0550
Editorial submissions: 602-266-0550 x703
Report a correction: 602-266-0550 x703

Note: Due to COVID-19 we are working from home.

Advertising & Marketing Solutions:

  • Sales & Sales Manager: 602-266-0550 X704
  • National Advertising, Aequalitas Media: 312-600-8823 or sales@aequalitasmedia.com
  • Billing:  602-266-0550 X704
  • Classifieds: 602-266-05550 x702
  • Sponsorship’s: 602-266-0550 x703

During COVID restrictions please call 602-751-9060 for Billing, Classifieds, and Sponsorships. Those departments do not come into the office.

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