The CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates speaks on Pete Buttigieg’s Senate confirmation

Erin Uritus

By Amy Young

The imminent Senate confirmation of Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary is being heralded as triumphant by leaders in the LGBTQ community, not only because of Buttigieg’s previous accomplishments as a public servant but in anticipation of how he will utilize those skills as we advance.

Out & Equal is an organization focused exclusively on LGBTQ workplace equality. “For the first time ever, an openly LGBTQ person has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate to hold a Cabinet-level position.,” says CEO Erin Uritus. “This is big news. Pete Buttigieg is very qualified to serve in this position with his accomplishments as mayor of South Bend, his groundbreaking campaign for president, and his dedication to improving infrastructure and rebuilding communities.”

Uritus understands how valuable it is for members of the LGBTQ community to have leaders that comprehend their missions and directives. “Today it is even easier for LGBTQ Americans to see ourselves in national leadership. And we look forward to witnessing the power of someone from our own community bringing their full, authentic self into this role. Every workplace deserves out leadership — our federal government is no exception. The Biden-Harris administration deserves praise for continuing to demonstrate that diversity, visibility, and representation matter. 

Uritis and her organization are finding strength in what they deem a celebratory moment. “On behalf of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates,” she says, “I would like to congratulate the newly confirmed head of the Department of Transportation, Secretary Pete Buttigieg! We will continue to work to see more talented leaders, representing every aspect of the LGBTQ community, rise to ever greater positions of leadership.”

Out & Equal provides worldwide programs, Fortune 500 partnerships, and our annual Workplace Summit conference to LGBTQ people thrive and support organizations creating a culture of belonging for all. Visit them at outandequal.org.