Sister Lip

Valley-based rock band will take the stage at Bisbee Pride

By Laura Latzko, June 2015 Issue.

The jazzy blues sounds of Valley-based rock band, Sister Lip, are gaining momentum in the local music scene.

And, on the heels of their performances at the McDowell Mountain Music Festival and Phoenix Pride, the band will play Bisbee Pride for the second consecutive year. (Read Laura Latzko’s Bisbee Pride preview here.)

Since forming in 2012, the all-female band has evolved from grittier rock to a more eclectic sound, complemented with varying tempos and sultry lyrics.

To showcase this evolution, the band plans to perform original music, as well as covers from Nina Simone and Ginuwine, when it takes the stage with Phoenix-based Treasurefruit all three days of Bisbee Pride.

According to members of the band, Sister Lip has built a following in the LGBT community over the past few years, and they’re not slowing down any time soon – they recently completed a 10-week, 42-city tour across the country. However, keyboard player and back-up vocalist Jenny Rebecca said Bisbee has become of the band’s favorite cities to perform.

The band’s original music, Rebecca said, is highly personal to them, and that is something they try to convey to their audiences while performing together on stage.

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“We put a lot of ourselves into our music, and we are happy to be able to share that with people who are accepting of everyone,” Rebecca said.

The band’s four members, all of whom have previous experience playing with other bands before creating Sister Lip, are from different musical backgrounds.

Lead vocalist and guitar player Cassidy Hilgers, who is currently studying music at Mesa Community College, brings a musical theater background to the equation. Bass player Emily Schalick, the newest member of the band, adds classical music savvy. Drummer Ariel Monet comes from a punk rock background and, simply put, Rebecca comes from a diverse musical background.

The four musicians attribute a wide range of musical influences – from Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin to Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift – as their inspiration, which might explain the evolution of the band’s sound.

“At our core, we are still a rock band,” Rebecca said. “Because Cassidy is still in school and learning all these cool things, we’ve kind of been [trying out] a lot of [what] she brings to the group.”

And, according to Rebecca, the band’s music has also changed as the members of have become closer.

“We’ve gotten more comfortable with each other and started building that kind of bond you get with your band,” Rebecca said. “It’s so close sometimes you just want to kill them, and sometimes you just want to hug them. It’s a real interesting dynamic, and I think it definitely bring a more personal sound.”

The band released Sister Lip, a seven-track EP about a year ago, right after Schalick joined the band. But these days, the group performs updated versions of those songs and, as the band mates continue to collaborate on new music, they have set their sights one completing a full-length album in the future.

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