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Local poet uses Instagram as creative outlet for erotic poetry

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By KJ Philp, October 2015 Issue.

She has but one name, and only one gallery displays her art. Each individual piece of work she creates serves as a glimpse of – more like a curiosity as to – what inspired such an installment.

Her name is @theemassacre. Her gallery is Instagram. Her works of art are erotic poems. And her inspiration is drawn from women.

Massacre_Support2“I identify myself as a woman who simply writes poetry,” said the artist known to few as Marie Villalpando. “Sexual encounters and women are my muse. Especially if I have opened up emotionally to that woman, then my writing goes to a whole different world.”

While she acknowledges that her poetry is considered erotic, she takes the definition one step further.

“I like to say it is ‘soul-fucking erotic,’” she explained. “I take it past many levels of sexual. It is the type of poetry that can make you hot and emotional all in one.”

Like artists of other media, her work ebbs and flows depending on what’s going on in her world when she begins to create.

“Everything I write is from my perspective and personal sexual experiences,” she added, “because I am a lesbian, [the] majority of my poetry is from a lesbian perspective.”

While she’s only called Arizona home for two years – she currently resides in Phoenix – she’s been writing poetry for about a decade. And it shows.

Massacre_Support1“Tonight you are my canvas, I will do with you what I please,” she begins in a poem posted just over a year ago under a photo of a naked woman adorned in body paint. She concludes, … “you are my canvas tonight, so we will continue until sunlight to get this masterpiece right.”

An appropriate metaphor, since painting is this artist’s second favorite form of expression.

“Painting for me is a way that I can express myself in a physical form that my poetry simply cannot do,” she said. “My art is usually done when I’m happiest, sad and, honestly, after I’m done having sex. My art is the best after sex, simply because I am at my most vulnerable and open part of my being. My sex glow shows on my canvas.”

While she talks openly about her sexual encounters, she also encourages consumers of her work to take a closer look.

“I write for the feelings I can’t express,” she said. “I write for those who can relate to the beauty of being loved, even if you have a darkness about you. I make people see past the physicality of sex and see the emotional and soul-filled, artistic beauty of being transparent and vulnerable to another human.”

So, how does someone with such sensual subject matter and vulnerable inspiration end up with such a violent moniker, you ask?

“Thee massacre is because of who I am,” she explained. “I stop at nothing to be the best and kill all competition in every aspect.”

Fair enough. And, it’s safe to say that a poet by any other name would write just as sweet. Just check Instagram. Earlier this month, @theemassacre’s poetry-filled (and NSFW) social media account showed nearly 10,000 followers.

“I love that my audience is able to relate to my perspectives,” she said. “I’ve always been proud of who and what I am [and] my work has grown from me growing as a person.”

Currently, Instagram serves as her studio, her gallery and her journal. But that’s all set to change in the near future.

“I am currently working on a blog,” she said. “[The] best way to describe it is a lesbian ‘Sex and the City’ type of blog, entertaining and realistic.”

That’s not her only ambition, she also had a started readying her work for publishing.

“I’m in the process of a rough draft now,” she said. “All my poetry wrapped into a book. But I won’t give away too much, [I] don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

In the meantime, her advice for anyone just starting out or trying to find their voice is: just be yourself.

“Writing is something that should be personal, start with what you know and feel,” she said. “Let it all flow naturally; then you can start writing from [an]other’s perspective.”

For updates, photos and unedited poetry entries, follow @theeemassacre on Instagram or visit

Editor’s note: @theeemassacre’s blog, Lusting for Love, launched two days after this was printed.