Competing for the Crown

Meet the 2017 Phoenix Pride Pageant contestants

Courtesy of Phoenix Pride, April 2017 Issue.

The Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride Pageant is a community event supported by local community organizations and numerous female and male illusionists. As a recipient of the title Miss or Mister Phoenix Pride, the winners will become the faces of the Phoenix Pride organization during their reign. Part of their duties as title holders is to promote pride in our community, state and country, portray role model qualities with integrity and dignity at all times and raise awareness of Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program.

Source: Phoenix Pride

The 2017 Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride Pageant will take place at 6 p.m. March 19 at The DoubleTree by Hilton Tempe’s Fiesta Ballroom, 2100 S. Priest Drive, in Tempe.

But first, let’s meet this year’s contestants.


Alexus Montoya, Miss Supreme 2017
In 2011, Alexus Montoya made her drag debut on the stage of Stars of Tomorrow at BS West, finishing in the top 3. As Miss Supreme Pride 2017, Alexus’ goal is to serve as an out and proud example of what it means to be a gay leather queen in America today.

Deborah K, Miss Arizona Drag 2017
Deborah K (Edgar Higuera) has been performing for six years and is very enthusiastic and eager to represent Arizona Drag as she competes and interviews for the title – and role – of Miss Phoenix Pride 2017. She’s exited to give back to the community and  fundraise money for this cause.

Miley Mitchells, Miss Charlie’s 2017
Miley Mitchells has been entertaining Valley audiences for over four years. Being a female impersonator means a lot to her and is something she takes very seriously. Becoming Miss Charlie’s is her biggest accomplishment to date and she’s excited to show the judges and audience what Miley has to offer.

Mulani Shay, Miss Crusin’ 7th 2017
Mulani Shay, from Yuma, first got in touch with her drag side in 2014. If she wins Miss Phoenix Pride she promises to conduct herself with elegance, class and grace in order to set an example for youth to stay in school, never give up, follow their dreams and be proud of who they are.

Stella Prince, Miss Kobalt 2017
Stella Prince is the female illusion brought to you by Gavin Sisson. Stella’s creation was inspired by legendary Broadway divas such as Liza Minnelli, Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking. Stella is grateful to be participating in the Phoenix Pride pageant as Miss Kobalt 2017.

Tyra Marie, Miss Imperial Court 2017
Tyra Marie (Isak Hernandez) is a Lake Havasu City native who has been involved in the art of female impersonation for more than 11 years. She is an ASU graduate who currently has held several local and state-level titles and has been involved with various community organizations.

Ish, Mister Krazzy Latinos 2017
Since Ish (Ismael Ramirez) became a male performer in 2010, he has earned several local and state-level titles. He is honored to represent the Krazzy Latinos in the Phoenix Pride Pageant. He would like to thank his sponsors, especially AJ Barnes for being the most supportive fiancé.

Javier K. Flores, Mister Twisted 2017
Javier K. Flores, who has been performing as a male entertainer for a little over two months now, was born in Santa Anna, Calif., but has lived in Phoenix for the past 27 years. He’s a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute and he is excited to see where this new journey takes him next!

Roman Holiday, Mister BS West 2017
While Roman Holiday began dancing and performing at the age of 13 and graduated from the California Institute for the Arts, he made his debut only four years ago. He thanks Savannah Stevens, Olivia Gardens and China Collins for his first introduction to the pageant scene as a backup dancer.

Daynah Rivera, Miss Rock 2017
Five years ago, Daynah Rivera fell in love with the art of drag. And from there she decided to always work with, and for, her community – sharing, enjoying, learning and improving. She describes stepping on a stage as “the best experience ever” and can’t wait for you to get to know her.

Eva Angelica Stratton, Miss BS West 2017
Originally from Michigan, Eva Angelica Stratton has been performing and competing since 2006. Additionally, she came out as transgender in 2010. This is her first year in the Phoenix Pride pageant system and she’s very excited to be a part of this amazing cause.

Mi$hal Mi$hal, Miss Krazzy Latinos 2017
Originally from Hinesville, Ga., Mi$hal Mi$hal moved here in 2007. She was in band and chorus growing up and, in 2005, she auditioned for “America Idol” and later performed with Clay Aiken. In 2011, Mi$hal Mi$hal was born. If it weren’t for drag, she says she wouldn’t have family in Arizona.

Naomi Glam, Miss Cash 2017
Naomi Glam began her drag career in 2009, when she first saw a drag show in California. She was absolutely intrigued by the beautiful and talented entertainers and was inspired to explore the art of female impersonation. With family and friends pushing her, she will continue to reach for the stars.

Té The Diamond, Miss Twisted 2017
Té the Diamond grew up on the Fort Apache Reservation in Northern Arizona and moved to Tempe in 2010 to attend ASU. With a little over a year of drag experience, Té is the pageant’s first openly transgender Native American and she is representing the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Cruz Carter, Mister Cash 2017
Cruz Carter is the middle child out of three boys who all identify as part of the LGBTQ family. His favorite colors are purple and gold – the colors of royalty. Cruz would like to thank those who helped and supported him along this journey, including his family, friends and sponsors.

Jae Krawford, Mister Arizona Drag 2017
Jae Krawford has been performing as a male entertainer for five years. He’s representing Arizona Drag because of his love for the work that Edward Michael does within the community. He credits his success to his friends and family who have supported and pushed him to do what he loves.

Kristofer V. Lee, Mister Imperial Court 2017
Kristofer V. Lee has been performing as a male entertainer for two years. Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Kristofer has lived in Phoenix for nearly 11 years. He is extremely excited to be a part of this year’s pageant and would like to thank his friends, family and sponsors for their support.

The 2017 Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride Pageant
6 p.m. March 19
The DoubleTree by Hilton Tempe’s Fiesta Ballroom
2100 S. Priest Drive, in Tempe
For tickets, click here.

Source: Phoenix Pride