Only Human launches ‘Team Human’ Cause Campaign for Pride

Only Human video still courtesy of Bree Pear.

Only Human, a community-based organization that exists to make
the world a better place announces the launch of a global give-back and community-building initiative called Team Human on June 1.

Crissy Saint-Massey, Co-owner of Only Human alongside founder, Bree Pear, talks about the goal of their Team Human Cause Campaign, “As a lesbian-owned and operated organization that usually attends 40+ Pride Festivals per year around the nation, it’s been heartbreaking to see the
cancellations of Pride Festivals this summer. We have seen first-hand how the sense of belonging and community humans feel at Pride has saved lives and improved the mental health of humans who identify as LGBTQ+. It’s our responsibility to be there for these humans who are feeling
displaced and support them in meaningful ways while reminding them that pride lives inside all of us.”

Only Human video still courtesy of Bree Pear.

As part of Only Human’s Team Human Cause Campaign, the organization will be launching a global Virtual Pride with a series of online events, workshops, story sharing, and entertainment with various LGBTQ+ rooted nonprofits, businesses, influencers, and more. In addition, they’ll have a Special Edition Team Human Cause Box available containing Team Human Pride gear, a letter of affirmation, and mental health resources. 10% of profits will benefit the nonprofit, Gay For Good who is focused on volunteerism and inclusion.

Text PRIDE30 to 29071 to kick off June with 30 days of Pride brought to you by Only Human.

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