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Echo Magazine, our monthly print publication is on stands the third Thursday (plus a day) of each month. The Phoenix LGBTQ community is an 18 Billion dollar market (The Media Audit, Summer 2018)!

  • Distributed at more than 520 locations.
  • Print reach of 58,800 persons.

Online including the digital edition of each issue.

  • We reach an additional 99,202 persons.
  • 321,000 total page views in 2018.

Meet our print readers:

Our reader info below (from the Summer 2018 “Media Audit” survey, they have been doing this for 44 years), we can also give you the same info for our digital audience, just ask us:


Echo Reach continues to increase!

Our combined reach grew 20% 2017 to 2018, and that includes print! A quick comparison with other media in the Phoenix area shows that we are one of only a few that increased year-over-year.


We read magazines!

Don’t take our word for it! The Association of Magazine Media in late 2017 found that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) adults read an average of nine print magazine issues/month. That figure is higher than the US average

Market Intelligence

Everyone says they know the market, but we actually have the data.  We subscribe to The Media Audit that surveys all media in our market (like Nielsen Ratings, except  Nielsen just does TV).

Let’s show you an example:

Adults in Greater Phoenix market that plan on buying a vehicle in next 12 months: 769,032 (or 19.4% of total adult population)

Our audience over-indexes because a greater percentage of them plan to buy than the general population.  Our audience is 211% more likely to purchase a vehicle than the typical market adult (based on the 311 index).


What we can do for you?

See what marketing solutions Echo has to offer and start advertising with us, contact us or call us at 602-266-0550.

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