Kriis DiKay crowned Mr. Arizona EOY 2016

Echo caught up with the newly crowned entertainer following the pageant

By Laura Latzko, May 2016 Issue. Meet the other 2016 titleholders here.

With a strong background in ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance, Kriis DiKay entered Tucson’s male entertainer scene in March 2014.

With a World of Dance Competition championship under his belt, he had high hopes. It seems as though the world of dance also translated to pageantry, as he’s already been crowned Mr. Tucson NCC, Mr. and first alternate to Mr. Arizona EOY 2015.

Echo caught up with the newly crowned Mr. Arizona EOY 2016 to find out how he felt about his new title.

Echo: What does winning Mr. Arizona EOY mean to you?

DiKay: It means opportunity, not only to represent an amazing system but also to be a role model and inspire and help others do what they love to do, to give back to the community. It gives me such hope and makes me believe I could [become] a national titleholder one day.

Echo: What makes you stand out as an entertainer?

DiKay: Displaying different types of entertainment, going from impersonations [and] characters [to] or simply dancing my heart out – I love leaving my heart on stage and making myself be seen for what I can do. Most importantly, being able to help others reach their goals while still pursuing mine no matter if we compete against each other. It is always a learning experience and anyone can learn new tricks from each other.

Echo: Why did you choose the EOY system?

DiKay: The ability to display who you are and what you do – in the exact way that you do it – is what made me fall in love with this system. I am an entertainer of many faces … I hate to keep it all the same note, so I like to change it up and this system is one of the most welcoming systems to creativity – such a beautiful family and support system.

Echo: What would you like to accomplish as the state titleholder?

DiKay: I really want to represent Arizona to my best this year, being the first male entertainer to hold a state title from Tucson really gives me the hope to lead others and inspire them to really push for their dreams and also stand by their side and help them accomplish them.

Echo: What inspired your EOY package?


Photo by Jorge Martinez.

DiKay: It definitely took some thinking. After placing second at state last year, [going on] to nationals to be top eight and winning most handsome really showed me that it is OK to display yourself. My promoter had a huge part in my talent theme of Thundercats, it was actually also one of my favorite shows as a kid and it fit my attitude and personality perfectly. Thank you, Richard Van Stone. Every other category I really thought of taking it to the next level. Swimwear, presentation, creative eveningwear and talent were the categories that I won, I thought of more than just the look, but also the factor to draw people in, make them laugh and dance in their chair as I perform … give the ‘wow’ feeling.

Echo: What is the hardest category for you? How did you overcome the challenges of this category?

DiKay: Question and answer has been my hardest, I do not like being on the mic. But coming from last year to this year, I improved a lot – I know how to control myself and deliver what needs to be delivered.

Echo: What advice would you give to someone starting out in pageantry?

DiKay: GO FOR IT! Really study what system you would like to pursue and show them what you’re made of, remember that it is also a group effort, pick your team wisely and never think you’re alone. Being yourself is the best way to accomplish your dream, win or lose it is always a learning experience and you always leave a mark that will be remembered.

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