Kenyata White and Crystal Allen

Kenyata White and Crystal Allen will be married on Dec. 21, 2014, at Encanto Park. The couple reached national news recently when rejected by a wedding planner a month before their wedding. Kenyata is a local performer and recently published author. Crystal, a sweet Southern girl, is studying to be a lawyer and will take the bar exam this Spring. The couple have a son who will be the ring bearer. Crystal spotted Kenyata at Copper Blues when Kenyata was singing on stage with her band. She discovered they had a mutual friend in the band and showed up at the Crescent Ballroom to get an introduction to Kenyata. Crystal’s sweet Southern accent and charm melted Kenyata’s heart and the rest is history.

The wedding planner is Marisa Tristan of I Do Events and can be contacted at 602-888-1296 or marisa@idoeventsllc.com.

Photo credit: RMelnick.com