“Pink Plastic Cups”

Fairy Bones drops new singles ahead of Rainbows Festival performance

Fairy Bones, left to right: Robert Ciuca, Chelsey Louise, Matthew Foos and Ben Foos. Photo by Rachael Smith.

By KJ Philp, September 2016 Issue.

The last time Fairy Bones took the stage at Rainbows Festival, lead singer Chelsey Louise was proposed to by a fan in the crowd.

“I unfortunately couldn’t accept at the time, but I’m still accepting requests,” she said.

That was 2013 and, needless to say, a lot has changed for the band since.

Echo caught up with Louise ahead of the band’s second Rainbows Festival appearance – they’ll be taking the community stage at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 15 – and here’s what she had to say.

Echo: the last time we spoke, Dramabot had jus dropped. What has been going on with the band since? (Read Echo‘s 2015 Fairy Bones feature here.)

Louise: The Dramabot era was definitely a whirlwind. We’ve had the pleasure of opening for Alien Ant Farm, Kyle Gass Band (from Tenacious D), and played the McDowell Mountain Music Festival – with headliners like Beck, St Lucia, Kid Cudi, and Gary Clark Jr to name a few – that was awesome. Been on two or three tours throughout the Southwest partying in warehouses and venues. Dropped a music video for “Notes from Wonderland” that won Best Music Video at Phoenix Comicon 2016. And then this April we went into hibernation to write new tunes!

Echo: Congrats on all the success! What has been the most surprising part of the journey thus far?

Louise: Thank you! I think the most continually surprising thing is when people sing along to our songs and genuinely like our music. Still baffles me.

Echo: You all look and sound better than ever! Has the past year and a half felt like charm school or more like puberty?

Louise: At this point, when we listen back to Dramabot, it’s like we are so far away from that place now musically and mentally. I had been writing about what was happening to me at the time, what had happened in the past. That album was very cathartic … So, puberty, for sure. I’m extremely proud of the new songs we have, they’re much more mature songwriting wise and lyrically. I’m ridiculously anxious to play them live.


Fairy Bones, left to right: Robert Ciuca, Chelsea Louise, Matthew Foos and Ben Foos. Photo by Rachael Smith.

Echo: You were about to embark on your first Midwest tour when we last spoke; what has touring been like for the band since?

Louise: Touring is a blasty blast. We all really love nature and exploring, we love going to weird shops and climbing trees, because I think we’re all 8 years old at heart. We were in SLC, Utah, when [same-sex] marriage was legalized and we we’re running around partying in celebration – weird place to be when that happened!

We’re actually gearing up for three tours starting in November! I’m thankful that the four of us get along super well when traveling. We all live together, but we really jive on the road. And we get to play every night, which is all we want to be doing, anyway. So it’s perfect.

pink-plastic-cupsEcho: Rumor has it that you have new music you have slated for release Oct. 14. What can you tell us about those two singles?

Louise: Yes! The new singles are called “8 Ball” and “Pink Plastic Cups.” Right now you can hear ‘em exclusively on KWSS 93.9 FM. (So call and request, ya?!) We’re having our [all ages] singles release party the day before Rainbows Festival, Oct. 14, at the Rebel Lounge!

Echo: Any personal updates, messages for fans/the LGBTQ community, or upcoming show dates you’d like to share?

Louise: You can catch us live Oct. 14 at the Rebel Lounge with our buddies in Treasure Mammal, Sonoran Chorus and Luau; Oct. 15 at Rainbows Festival; or Nov. 2 at Rebel Lounge with The Garden. Our November tour will be announced soon on our Facebook!

Echo: Anything else you’d like say to your fans who are reading?

Louise: We may not have as colorful hair, but we are still as colorful on the inside … Hit us up on Instagram [@fairybonesmusic] if you see this article and we’ll give you a free sticker for reading the coolest LGBTQ magazine in the Southwest!