At The Box Office: June 18, 2015

Four films headed to theaters and video release this month

By Hans Pedersen, May 2015 Issue

Magic Mike XXL
In theaters July 1 | R

The muscle-bound dancers are back and bigger than ever: the new poster, in hues of cool blue and goldenrod, shows Mike in a classic pose, gesturing to his crotch in a way that recaptures the tongue-in-cheek take on male strippers from the original. Three years after Mike (Channing Tatum) stepped away from the stage, he agrees to return and team up again with the other Kings of Tampa to headline a massive show. Expect an abundance of pecs, flesh and screaming ladies. Joe Manganiello, creator of the original, co-stars in this sequel with Matt Bomer and, of all people, Andie MacDowell.

Do I Sound Gay?
OnDemand July 10 | 77 minutes

In this doc, which launched on Kickstarter, a gay journalist explores the question of why some people may seem to “sound” gay and others do not – is there a “gay voice”? Forthright LGBT celebs like Dan Savage, Margaret Cho, George Takei and David Sedaris weigh in on the topic. Ordinary folks share how they love the sound of their own voice among friends, but at other times, feel self-conscious about “sounding” gay. Savage sheds light on how such shame in our own voices can be rooted in our persecution as LGBT youth in this movie that’s really all about internalized homophobia.

Video release July 7 | Unrated | 82 minutes

This Canadian comedy by famed gay director Bruce LaBruce (Hustler White) has been called “the gay Harold and Maude” with regard to Hal Ashby’s brilliant 1972 underground classic, and it appears to be a tad more explicit. In this boundary-breaking movie, 18-year-old Lake (Pierre Gabriel Lajoie) finds himself attracted to senior citizens and lands a job at a nursing home. There he meets Mr. Peabody (Walter Borden), a senior who’s on too much medication. A sponge bath, an escape attempt and a road trip add up to an unusual adventure in LaBruce’s latest film, which screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

In theaters July 24 | R | 88 minutes

Sean Baker directs this touching film about a fierce, heartbroken trans prostitute Sin-Dee Rella (Kiki Kitana Rodriguez) as she scours the streets of LA on Christmas Eve looking for her boyfriend, who’s also her pimp. Unfolding in a series of edgy Tinseltown hangouts, it’s described as an illuminating, whimsically shot movie featuring a cast of LGBT youth without a trace of condescension. It’s also damned funny. What’s remarkable about this groundbreaking independent film is that it was shot on iPhones; this “don’t-miss” LGBT indie is about as DIY as it gets, showcasing new faces and a fresh voice in filmmaking.