Four Films in Theaters This Month

By Tuesday Mahrle, March 2019 Issue.


In theaters March 1 | Not yet rated | 98 minutes | Drama, Thriller

A young, naive girl named Frances is trying to make it on her own in New York City. On her usual route on the subway, she finds an unattended handbag. After finding information on the owner, she returns the bag to Greta, an older, eccentric French piano teacher who is happy but lonely as a widow. Since Frances recently lost her mother, she quickly forms a motherly connection with Greta. Soon, Greta’s maternal allure quickly dissolves as she becomes an obsessive stalker inundating Frances’ life.


In theaters March 22 | R | 120 minutes | Horror, Thriller

Jordan Peele, the writer, and director of Get Out, gives us another psychological nightmare in cinematic form. Us follows the Wilson family as they pause their busy lives for a family vacation and to visit friends in California. One night, four mysterious people invade the vacation home, which is also mother Adelaide’s childhood home. The family quickly realizes these intruders look oddly similar to them but morphed into evil and grotesque in nature. They must defeat these evil doppelgängers before they are killed themselves.

The Mustang 

In theaters March 15 | R | 96 minutes | Drama

Roman Coleman, played by Matthias Schoenaerts, is a violent convict in a rural Nevada prison. He’s been at the prison for over a decade with frequent stints in solitary confinement. In an attempt to stop the cycle of violence, Roman’s prison psychologist recommends he be placed in a state-mandated social rehabilitation. Roman is assigned to “outdoor maintenance” in the form of wild horse training. In the process of attempting to break a horse notorious for being unbreakable, he learns about himself while trying to build back relationships with those outside of prison, including the family he left behind.

Hotel Mumbai

In theaters March 22 | Not yet rated | 125 minutes | Drama, Thriller

Hotel Mumbai is based on the true story of the Mumbai terrorist attacks that occurred in 2008 at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India. A handful of the hotel staff, including famous chef Hemant Oberio and a waiter named Arjun, played by Dev Patel, choose to risk their own lives to protect the hotel guests and their beloved hotel from the terrorist. The film also highlights a couple who, quickly after checking in, are forced to do unthinkable acts to protect their newborn child from the gun-toting incendiaries.