By Tuesday Mahrle, October 2020 Issue.

Political chatter is inundating us, whether we’re watching our favorite show, scrolling Facebook, or talking with our friends. Everyone has an opinion, or at least a good conspiracy theory. To break through the noise, watch these political gems, new and old.

Get Me Roger Stone

Premiered 2017 | TV-14 | 92 minutes | Documentary 

With a large tattoo of President Nixon on his back, Roger Stone is the poster child for Washington Corruption. He’s been credited with molding Donald Trump into the powerhouse he is today. This documentary explores Roger Stone’s life and career as a Republican strategist and lobbyist, complete with murderous dictatorships and sex scandals spanning from Nixon to our current president. 

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Premiered 1993 | PG-13 | 110 minutes | Comedy

Dave Kovic, played by Kevin Kline, is a spitting image of the current president. When POTUS becomes incapacitated, Dave secretly impersonates the president to avoid an American scandal. Everyman Dave becomes quite popular and scales the approval poles. But like all good fakes, national lies won’t last forever. 

The American President

Premiered 1995 | PG-13 | 114 minutes | Drama

After almost four years of our current presidency, it’s soothing to listen to Andrew Shepherd (Michael Douglas) eloquently articulate one of the best presidential movie speeches ever made. This ‘90s classic spins together an administration desperately attempting to pass a crime control bill while a widowed president also tries to find love again. 


Premiered 1999 | R | 103 minutes | Comedy, Drama

Years before Legally Blonde was even an idea, Reese Witherspoon, playing Tracy Flick, ran for student body president in Election. While it originally performed horribly in theaters, it has become a black-comedy classic. Watch as overachieving Tracy will do anything to make it to the top. If national politics are tough, high school politics are worse! 

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