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Valley artist Marisa Hall Valdez designs hometown's first official flag

Courtesy of Fat Stache Studio, June 2018 Web Exclusive.

Local artist Marisa Hall Valdez has made the Valley her home for nearly 20 years, but the first 21 years of her life were forged on the outskirts of El Paso, Texas, in the town of Anthony. For more Echo‘s coverage of Hall Valdez, visit “I Still Do” or “Cast for the Part of Art.”

Local artist Marisa Hall Valdez, winner of the Anthony, Texas, flag design contest. Courtesy photo.

Last year the town held a contest for people to submit their designs for the first-ever town flag and Hall Valdez’s design was selected for this historic milestone. The flag was debuted by Mayor Martin Lerma on via the Anthony, Texas, Facebook page April 30.

“I want to thank Marisa Hall Valdez for her awesome flag design and donation to the town of Anthony, Texas,” Lerma said. “I’ve lived in Anthony all my life and I’ve always wanted to have a flag made for the town. I had a contest last year for people to submit their designs and we had some great designs submitted. Marisa’s flag design was the one chosen; with her roots and love for the town, she put her heart into the design and explained all the details that made the most sense.”

The design was inspired by the lone star and red, white, and blue colors of the Texas state flag. The placement of the stripes is meant to look like a beacon shining from the Western point of the lone star, similar to how the artist envisions the town of Anthony, as a shining beacon welcoming all into Texas as the most western entry point. There are four stripes on the flag that represent the primary routes people have used to pass through the Town of Anthony: the Rio Grande river, the railroad, and both the old and new highways.

When asked about learning that her design was selected, Hall Valdez shared, “[M]y heart smiled. Twenty one years in a small town really shaped who I was and who I’ve become. My father, Jerry Hall, spent over 40 years serving his community in the town of Anthony [and] I felt a responsibility to continue my dad’s legacy of service and I wanted to contribute to my home town. I am honored it is through my art work.”

As part of her contribution to the town of Anthony, Hall Valdez is releasing the flag’s art work for public use so that anyone interested has access to it.

“This new flag will be flown with Pride,” Lerma added.

The artist encourages respectful usage and representation of the design and communicates that, “the flag belongs to the people of Anthony now. Flags are a point of pride; be proud of where you live and where you’re from.”

Hall Valdez will travel to her hometown in June for a formal presentation from the Mayor and town council. Art files for the newly designed town flag can be downloaded from the artist’s website, fatstachestudio.com.

The winning flag was revealed by Mayor Martin Lerma via the Anthony, Texas, Facebook page April 30.

Source: fatstachestudio.com.